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About Amanda Loiselle

I am the founder and designer of a brand called Ministry of Millinery. I design and create both traditional and modern hats and headpieces. I was born in Scotland, grew up in Canada and have found my home in the United Kingdom. My background is of performance, art-design, fashion and textiles.

Early childhood is where my passion for hats began. Images of iconic hat wearers in films, such as Charlie Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn and even Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter himself, stirred my desire to create.

I first dabbled a bit, making hats by taking old ones apart and learning the patterns. I began to sell them in craft shows and then boutiques, mostly for children. Life then got in the way and my millinery was shelved for many years. It was only recently that this desire surfaced again and I felt able to begin to develop my passion. My aim was and still is, to develop a brand that encompasses everything I love; art, beauty and the dramatic.

"I want the wearer of a Ministry of Millinery design, to have an experience that enhances their moment, event or even just their day."

Pricing £45.00 - £300.00

Available for commission YES