A trade is for life

Everything We Do Is A Trade

Women’s Trade Magazine | Painting

When you think of ‘a trade’, what comes to mind? Hard hats? Hi-vis vests? Hammers and cement? Well, yes, but what about the wider skills and trades? There’s so much more. From construction, photography and calligraphy, to carpentry, painting and decorating, the list goes on and on!

Women are also engineers, mechanics, milliners, upholsterers and architects. Then you have the builders: property developers, tilers, plasterers, crane operators and fork-lift drivers, not forgetting boat-builders and the builders of websites – their design, databases and networks.

A trade is for life

What about the makers? When you see these delightful artisan cheeses, cakes, chocolates, ice creams, preserves and beers – these, too, are trades.

And then there are the designers who create jewellery, gardens, furniture, cards, clothes, shoes or bags and make our interiors look fab.

 So the ‘trick of any trade’ is being really proud of what you do because everything really is a trade!