5 Ways to be a Super Parent

Mother and daughter

“If you love your children and become their friend, they will spend less time bringing you to your wits end.”

Becoming a parent is a huge change, a new chapter that is loaded with responsibility. As a parent, it is up to you to make sure your child is looked after emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically, until they reach an age where the responsibility becomes their own. You can be their guide through childhood and adolescence, but when they become young adults, it’s up to them whether they decide to follow your teachings. After that, guilt for their mistakes must be thrown out the window – you did your best! If you want your children to behave in a certain way, then you need to lead by example – remember, you are in this together!

  • If you listen to them, they will not look to strangers to listen.

  • If you tell them they look beautiful as they are, you will protect their self-esteem.

  • If you encourage them to find their passion and interests early, they will be more fulfilled.

  • If you teach them to like and love themselves and that no one is perfect, they will be more stable and self-compassionate, and less judgemental.

  • If you make sure that they eat as healthily as possible, they will be less likely to develop eating disorders and body image issues.

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