The Tick Box

Tick bucket lists, not boxes: the importance of staying true to who you are.

Woman on the phone

You’ve worked hard and, even though it’s been a bit of a slog at times, you’re finally there. You’ve got your degree, you’ve earned your promotion and you’re starting to make progress in your career.

It’s great that life is going your way, but surely there’s more to it than this? Be honest. How many of your achievements are down to trying to please others? Did you go for the promotion because you really wanted it? Or because there was an expectation that it’s what you should do?

Only too often, we set aside our personal desires either for financial gain, or because we worry about what other people may think of us. Although this approach to life may lead to short-term happiness, not living a truly authentic life can severely damage our long-term health.

It’s tempting to stick to what you know, but getting stuck in an unfulfilling routine can lead to a mountain of regrets later. You only get one shot at life, after all, and if you’re binge-watching TV, drinking to forget, or doing the same thing in the same way, every day, then you’re really not living your best life, and things need to change.

Plenty of women have taken back control of their lives with positive results. Edwina McNulty, for example… to read full the article, click here.

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