N0.13 Growing pains

N0.13 Growing pains


Growing pains

Our cover story for spring is all about Gabrielle Blackman, a graceful and stylish interior designer who understands the importance of planting a seed and growing in her trade. “I grew up in a mad, busy house that my mum ran as a B&B. We were always re-setting rooms and moving things around… I suppose, looking back, that planted a seed in me.” She has gone from strength to strength, creating beautiful and practical homes for anyone and everyone, from multi-millionaires to the deserving families featured on BBC One’s DIY SOS series.

Also in this issue, you will learn how to cope with growing pains, whether in your personal life or business you will learn that things which may seem to be dead could actually be thriving. If you’re feeling like it might be time to give it all up and throw in the towel, I recommend reading our tips on not giving up on yourself or your dream – you might change your mind.

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