N0.6 The food and drink issue

N0.6 The food and drink issue


The food and drink issue

We are excited to feature on our summer cover the hottest Chinese chef of the moment, Ching-He Huang. Find out why we love her on page 68.

Other notable features are three reasons why you should love celebrity chef Lesley Waters, plus in this summers British female designers rock, we feature Melissa Cole, an amazing artist blacksmith, keeping one of the oldest trades in Britain alive and inspirational woodworker Sophie Heron, carving a name for herself in woodworking. We are also thrilled to present in our female firsts, Kim Woodward – the first female head chef to be appointed at Gordon Ramsay group’s Savoy Grill in its 126-year history. Meanwhile, the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) are on a mission to attract fresh talent into this vital sector. Angela Coleshill, Director of Employment Skills and Corporate Services at FDF, said: “UK food and drink manufacturing is facing skills shortages in a number of critical areas".

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